Tips and best practices for using actual size and online rulers

For small objects

After you tune your display using a card, we calculate the exact pixel size of your display, and create an image that fits specifically to your display. On the lower right part of Get Ruler, you'll notice a signature that contains the technical data used to create the image.

For large objects

Packing for that business trip or going away for pleasure? Trains and planes have strict baggage restrictions. Visit Get Ruler from your mobile phone or tablet to measure the suitcase you want to take. Will that overnight case fit under the seat in economy class? Find out in seconds without having to look for a tape measure.

Resize Objects

Need an image in a specific size? Click and drag the handles on the square in the middle of the ruler screen and instantly get the size you need in centimeters, inches or pixels. You don’t need a calculator or conversion chart to figure out the image onscreen.

Don’t miss that sale!

Your friend has called you from your favorite furniture town to tell you that there is an amazing deal on couches. She asks you for the height of your ceiling so that the couch doesn’t bump into the book shelf. Your roommates have moved out and taken the living room furniture with them. Looks like they’ve taken the tape measure with them too! Just pull out your tablet and Get Ruler will do the job for you.

Parcel delivery

Are you a retailer? Snail mail may be a thing of the past, but with competitive prices worldwide, it’s often cheaper purchase items online and get them delivered to you. If you are a retailer, you’ll need to know which box or envelope you need to use to calculate the postage and delivery rates. Get Ruler will tell you the size of that parcel and help you publish your shipping rates.

Holiday gifts

Want to secretly measure a piece of jewelry or toy without removing it from your home? Use Get Ruler on your mobile phone and no one will suspect you’re up to something (and you can leave your physical ruler or tape measure out of sight in the cupboard).