The vision of, the most accurate online ruler

What is Get Ruler?

Get Ruler is the most accurate online ruler. Using advanced technology, our virtual ruler offers an easy, dependable, and highly accurate measurement solution. It is designed for anyone who is looking for a way to measure items without having to rely on a physical ruler or tape measure.

The online ruler was planned with two values in mind: accuracy and user experience:

Accuracy is the heart of our software: enabling you to find the exact measurement of your item.

User experience: letting you enjoy using our onscreen ruler, in the scale of your choice.

Who Are We? is the brainchild of Triple Next Technologies. Founded by a team of innovative entrepreneurs, we are passionate about revolutionizing the online user experience. Leveraging many years of experience in software development and product design TripleNext team has targeted one of the most prominent issues in ecommerce – size.

What is the story behind Get Ruler?

While shopping in a physical store, you try on a product and then, if it fits, you buy it. When shopping online, visitors often hesitate making a purchase because they don’t know what size to order or are not confident that what they see onscreen is what they get. To confront this challenge, we invented This product helps jewelry retailers improve their conversion rate and save money on returns and resizing. Today, findmyringsize attracts thousands of unique visitors per day.

Leveraging the success of, we developed a virtual ruler that we named Get Ruler for the measurement of all linear objects. What a keyboard is to a pencil or pen, Get Ruler is to a physical ruler or tape measure.

How often have you needed to know the size of an item and had no way of finding it? Get Ruler specifically is for any user, anywhere at any place.

What is our vision?

Combining creative ideas with state of the art web technology, we are revolutionizing the user experience. We bring elements of the physical world to a virtual reality. Our carefully-crafted software produces accurate results. These products help retailers convert better as well as enhance the overall user experience.