Frequently asked questions about the online virtual ruler

1. What is Get Ruler?

Get Ruler is the most accurate ruler online for measuring items. Using a patent pending method for calibrating pixels on a PC, tablet or cellphone, Get Ruler lets you turn your display into an online ruler.

2. What is a virtual ruler?

A virtual ruler or online ruler is an instrument to figure out the length, height or width of distances or straight lines.

3. Why do I need to place my driving license or credit card on the display?

The card is used only for its physical properties, specifically its width, which is used to calibrate the display. We do not collect or capture any identifying details of your card. Therefore, you can use any card as long as it is identical in size.

4. How do we create the online ruler?

After you tune your display using a card, we calculate the exact pixel size of your display, and create an image that fits specifically to your display. On the lower right part of Get Ruler, you'll notice a signature that contains the technical data used to create the image.

5. How accurate is this method?

The method is highly accurate, much better than using a physical ruler. Technically speaking, we calibrate the exact size of a pixel in metric scale. The calibration process resolution is 45 microns. Therefore, even if you miss by 10 pixels, when marking the card, you'll still get the actual size.

6. Can I use Get Ruler on my mobile device?

Yes! Get Ruler is an easy to use website that you can visit on your PC, tablet or mobile. It gives you accurate to scale measurements and supports the most popular cellphone models, including most iPhones and Android varieties.